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Gamification, una forma de integrar la capa lúdica en e-learning (Importance of Digital Learning)

Sencilla infografía que explica cómo aplicar la gamificación en los alumnos a través de 'badges'. "Gamification, un término de moda en diversos foros de Internet en 2011 y que a buen seguro continuará generando conversación en 2012, se está expandiendo"


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It’s difficult to make sense of changes and dynamics beyond our control. There are seismic shifts under way and many of them have various impacts on the university campus, teaching and learning, the research agenda, and yes, information technology.

While many university CIOs share collective angst and various manifestations of existential crises about our relevance and influence, there are larger contexts and micro-dynamics at play that warrant reference in this annual prognosticating of the year ahead. (For previous years’ versions, click here and here.) A myth is a larger-than-life story that serves to create a narrative filled with symbols, heroes and assertions of truths. Many of our inherited myths are crumbling around us. The challenge is to understand the dynamics leading to change and to be positioned to contribute to the creation and socialization of new myths, relevant for the year and decade ahead of us.


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Cloud Computing in Education: A Practitioner's View (

Artículo escrito por Reed Sheard en Campus Technology en el que cuenta su experiencia con cloud computing en el ámbito de la educación.

Más info: Reed Sheard is the CIO and vice president of advancement at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Infoworld has recognized the Westmont IT team for its innovation in the use of cloud computing in a higher education environment.

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