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LinkedUp has launched! (


El proyecto LinkedUp tiene como objetivo fomentar la explotación y uso de datos públicos de instituciones educativas europeas.  Acaba de iniciar su actividad (diciembre 2012):

The LinkedUp project will advance the adoption of open Web data, in particular for educational purposes. In practice, that means that you can expect exciting developments in open linked data for education. Particularly:

  • The LinkedUp Challenge: which will identify, support and promote highly innovative applications and technologies which exploit open Web data
  • Curated datasets: LinkedUp will catalog and curate open Web data to make it accessible for data consumers, in particular in educational contexts.
  • Evaluation Framework: the LinkedUp evaluation framework (metrics, methods, benchmarks) can be reused and instantiated to evaluate Open Web Data applications in particular in the educational domain.
  • Web data success stories: applications and use cases identified during the LinkedUp Challenge will help data consumers the education sector to capitalise on open web data



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