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This report sets out to help decision makers in higher education institutions gain a better understanding of the phenomenon of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and trends towards greater openness in higher education and to think about the implications for their institutions. The phenomena of MOOCs are described, placing them in the wider context of open education, online learning and the changes that are currently taking place in higher education at a time of globalisation of education and constrained budgets.

Este recurso fué publicado originalmente en la comunidad La otra escuela: innovación educativa.


Shared on 22.5.2013 by Kilian CD


Paper 'GNOSS Universidad 2.0: más allá de moodle' en el que Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO de, explica el proyecto y sus diferencias respecto a otras aplicaciones y herramientas de learning.


Published on 7.9.2010 by Ricardo Alonso Maturana

Paper 'GNOSS University 2.0: Beyond Moodle' where Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO de, explains the project and the differences with othe learning applications and tools.


Published on 7.9.2010 by Ricardo Alonso Maturana