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Use Case Collecting material related to courses at The Open University - Library Linked Data

Collecting material related to courses at The Open University (Original Case Details)

Currently a student wishing to discover all of the material — books, DVDs, CDs, TV programmes, Podcasts, Open Educational Resources, etc. — related to a specific Open University course would have to consult a variety of data sources, each with a different system and interface, for each type of resource required. They would then need to analyze their results and integrate them manually. In a similar scenario, the same resources are needed by lecturers in creating new courses or tutorials, as well as by researchers in connecting the result of their research to existing resources. The LUCERO (Linking University Content for Education and Research Online) Project at the Open University is investigating and prototyping the use of Linked Data technologies and approaches to linking and exposing data for students and researchers.


Shared on 29.6.2012 by Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González