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1 risultati es una alianza de universidades europeas para ofrecer sus datos como datos abiertos enlazables (Linked Data).


"This portal should therefore essentially be seen as a collaborative space, where institutions and individuals involved in the exposure of university linked data can describe, share and reuse common vocabularies and practices. Our goals are therefore to:

  • Identify, support and develop common linked data vocabularies, usable accross universities for common concepts such as courses, qualifications, educational material, etc.
  • Describe reusable recipes, and share reusable tools, for exposing linked data in universities
  • Support, through experience sharing and reuse, initiatives towards exposing university data as linked data"

Universidades e investigadores pertenecientes a

Mathieu d'Aquin - The Open University, UK

Carsten Keßler - University of Münster, Germany

Tomi Kauppinen - University of Münster, Germany

Stefan Dietze - The Open University, UK

Scott Willson CETIS

Christopher Gutteridge University of Southampton

Tom Heath - Talis Education

Hannes Ebner - Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)MetaSolutions AB

Charalampos Bratsas - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece



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