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"Mapping Major Changes to Education and Training in 2025" elaborado por el Instituto de Estudios de Prospectiva Tecnológica (IPTS) y el Joint Research Centre de la Comisión Europea, es el resultado de un ejercicio de prospectiva sobre la educación y la formación en el horizonte 2025 con el que se pretendía identificar los principales cambios susceptibles de transformar la educación y la formación. Un total de trece  expertos (en diferentes materias) han participado en este estudio prospectivo.

El futuro mapa de cambios identificado puede dividirse en 12 temáticas, analizando tanto cambios tecnológicos, como la globalización o cambios en conceptos pedagógicos. Entre los cambios previsibles de mayor importancia, destacan; un aprendizaje más orientado a la persona formada, más flexible y personalizado; la integración del aprendizaje en la vida y en el trabajo, y el desarrollo e implementación conceptos pedagógicos innovadores


This report presents the findings of a structured and targeted expert consultation exercise which aimed to identify, cluster and rate the main changes in education and training expected to occur over the course of the next 20 years. The exercise employed the group concept mapping methodology to generate, sort and rate more than 200 statements by a group of 13 experts.
The emerging map of future changes to education and training can be divided into a set of 12 thematic clusters, ranging from technological changes over globalisation to changing pedagogical concepts. Anticipated changes that rate particularly high in importance according to experts include learner-centred, flexible and personalised approaches to learning; the integration of learning into life and work; and the development and implementation of innovative pedagogical concepts. When comparing the cluster ratings on importance and feasibility, it becomes clear that, while experts are optimistic concerning the development of technology enhanced learning opportunities, scepticism prevails concerning the feasibility of implementing learner-centred approaches in formal education and, in general, the ability of formal education systems and institutions to keep pace with change and become more flexible and dynamic.


Compartilhado em 8.11.2010 por María Ortega Martínez-Losa


Sitio web del proyecto ´2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning`promovido por The KnowledgeWorks Foundation. Su objetivo es explorar un conjunto de dimensiones que en su opinión están transformando nuestro mundo y cómo podemos moldear el futuro del aprendizaje para adaptarnos a estos cambios.

En su página web definen así el proyecto:

 "Over the next decade, the most vibrant innovations in education will take place outside traditional institutions. This 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning presents a critical dilemma facing these institutions: how to reconcile bottom-up developments in education with the traditional top-down hierarchy that is currently in place. Such peripheral innovation will redefine how learning is organized, who comprises the broad “school community,” and what the actual experiences of learners will be like in the future. The validity and role of formal institutions of education will be challenged by key forces of change and will be reconsidered by an expanding group of stakeholders. Together, the pressures of change and new stakeholder demands will create a new future for learning.

Each of us can take action today to create this future. As the KnowledgeWorks Foundation 2020 Forecast reveals, many of our fundamental relationships – with ourselves, within our organizations, and with systems, societies, and economies – are being re-imagined and recreated.

This website will help you explore how these different dimensions of our world are changing and how we can shape the future of learning. KnowledgeWorks' Institute for Creative Collaboration can help you explore further and apply the 2020 Forecast to your context through strategic learning experiences."


Compartilhado em 14.9.2010 por María Ortega Martínez-Losa


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