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Interesante informe publicado por Mathieu d’Aquin, experto en Web Semántica del Knowledge Media Institute (The Open University, UK) en junio de 2012 en el que analiza la utilización de los datos abiertos enlazados (Linked Data) en educación:

"In this report, we introduce a recent development in the area of Web technologies which has the potential to revolutionise the area of ODL: The Semantic Web. While the Semantic Web has been, until now mostly considered from a research perspective, we focus here on the concrete benefit that can today be obtained from applying the set of principles and technologies that have emerged from the most pragmatic part of the Semantic Web field: Linked Data.

In this report we describe how this idea is being realised and how it can be adopted by organisations willing to contribute, interlink to and take advantage of the Web of Linked Data for ODL. We describe the tools, technologies and processes to publish and use Linked Data in a concrete way, focusing in particular on learning and teaching applications. Understanding both the costs and benefits of adopting Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies is, of course, a critical part of the process. Alongside the description and explanation of the technological notions related to this area we show how such notions can be applied to solve some of the specific problems faced in ODL and present a number of case studies in which such benefits have been concretely achieved"


Compartido el 2.10.2012 por David Rey Jordan es una alianza de universidades europeas para ofrecer sus datos como datos abiertos enlazables (Linked Data).


"This portal should therefore essentially be seen as a collaborative space, where institutions and individuals involved in the exposure of university linked data can describe, share and reuse common vocabularies and practices. Our goals are therefore to:

  • Identify, support and develop common linked data vocabularies, usable accross universities for common concepts such as courses, qualifications, educational material, etc.
  • Describe reusable recipes, and share reusable tools, for exposing linked data in universities
  • Support, through experience sharing and reuse, initiatives towards exposing university data as linked data"

Universidades e investigadores pertenecientes a

Mathieu d'Aquin - The Open University, UK

Carsten Keßler - University of Münster, Germany

Tomi Kauppinen - University of Münster, Germany

Stefan Dietze - The Open University, UK

Scott Willson CETIS

Christopher Gutteridge University of Southampton

Tom Heath - Talis Education

Hannes Ebner - Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)MetaSolutions AB

Charalampos Bratsas - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece



Compartido el 13.9.2012 por Equipo GNOSS